Individual Travel Insurance

Reuter Benefit is proud to partner with Snowbird Medi-Quote to assist you with your travel insurance needs. Just like Reuter, Snowbird’s mission is to provide clients with industry-leading, cost-efficient travel insurance products that cover you and your family.

Snowbird Medi-Quote’s suite of insurers lets them determine excellent travel coverage options at extremely competitive rates.  They cater to people of all ages who travel outside Canada can help the “hard to insure” (example: individuals with medical conditions).

Why get travel insurance?

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, from car accidents, to allergic reactions, to illnesses to medical injuries.  Suffer one of these incidents outside of Canada and the financial repercussions could be anything from mildly uncomfortable to disastrous. The application process is quick and easy—five minutes quick—and your policy can usually over the phone.

If you’re planning a trip outside of Canada, call Snowbird at 1-800-661-3098 to receive your quote in minutes. Be sure to include your referral from Reuter Benefits to receive preferential service.