Other Group Products

There are a number of group and individual products that we utilize for clients. In some cases, these products are offered by a number of providers, but in many cases, we tend to use a single provider who has demonstrated competitive pricing and reliable service.

Executive Medicals

Reuter Benefits has developed a preferred arrangement with Medcan to provide comprehensive annual medicals to executives. In addition to the medicals, access to their team of physicians, medical staff and diagnostic facilities and to recommended specialists can be made available.

Health Spending Accounts

Health Spending Accounts have become more prevalent since they provide plan sponsors with greater flexibility in maintaining a comprehensive benefit program. From an employer’s point of view, a portion of the claims that normally flow through a benefits plan are removed with the corresponding savings directed to a Health Spending Account. From the employee’s perspective they have greater flexibility as to how these funds are spent. Employers gain in the long run as the portion of the risk that is removed has a fixed dollar amount that they control, as opposed to allowing very high trend factors to drive these costs.

Group Critical Illness

Provides a one-time, lump sum benefit (limited amounts available without evidence of health) to help cover additional expenses associated with a qualifying critical condition or illness.

Group Travel Products

Stand alone products that provide comprehensive emergency medical travel coverage and assistance services to employees/members and their families. Coverage is provided on an annual basis to all eligible employees covered under a government health insurance plan.

Business Travel Accident

Coverage for accidental death while travelling on company business.

Employee Assistance Programs

A confidential, voluntary counselling and referral service available to employees and eligible dependents designed to help with personal and work related issues.

Voluntary & Enhanced Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Specialty AD&D products are available providing unique coverage at affordable rates.